2013-2014 Ingram New Works Festival

Ingram New Works Festival

Studio A at Tennessee Repertory Theatre
Located at 161 Rains Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203
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Nate Eppler's Good Monsters

From Tennessee Repertory Theatre Playwright-in-Residence and the author of Larries and The Future Mrs comes an explosive new drama.

Frank, a Gulf War veteran and recently suspended police officer, lives north of Nashville but south of Kentucky with his stripper-wife Darlene. While moonlighting as a Wal-Mart security guard, Frank mistakenly shot a shoplifter in the parking lot- a shoplifter who turned out to be unarmed teenage girl. As the trial looms, those closest to him want to help. His wife even hires a Crisis Manager to navigate the media firestorm leading up to the trial. But they don’t know that Frank’s already on trial; the ghost of the dead girl haunts him every night. Frank tries to get rid of the ghost, but she refuses to leave his backyard. When she begins to make terrifying demands of him, the fireworks really begin.

Jeremy Sony's Pathogenesis

Jeremy Sony is a recent graduate of the prestigious MFA playwriting program at Ohio University. Jeremy’s plays are about families who struggle to keep their focus outward in order to avoid looking at the real problems within.

A global pandemic, a dangerous cure, and a father / daughter relationship set to explode at the end of the world. A new infectious pathogen is discovered in a remote village in Belgium---a supervirus that means nothing less than the beginning of the end. One of the world’s leading scientific minds has figured out a way to stop the outbreak, but his theory is untested, unthinkable, and unsupported by the CDC. While it could save most of the planet, it would cost millions of lives. Regardless of that risk, he’s convinced it’s the only way to save us all. What’s more frightening is, he might be right. He can’t execute his plan alone, and the one person he’s trying to convince to help him--- a brilliant young scientist and insider at the CDC---is the one person who could stop him: his daughter. The question is, will she?

Andrew Kramer's Cut It Out

This is Andrew Kramer’s second residency with Tennessee Rep. In addition to his work with the Ingram Project, Andrew is currently a member of the Emerging Writer's Group at The Public Theater. Andrew’s plays are radical reexaminations that explode sex and power and class and identity and family.

What can we do to escape such deep unhappiness? Rebecca and Rusty Helmer got married too soon and had children too young, but somehow, found success through a joint career opportunity. Now, they find themselves locked into a life that looks quite perfect on the outside: financial stability, a castle of a house, an artistically talented son, and a wise, worldly daughter. But when Rebecca embarks on a journey of self-discovering through reconstructing herself - literally - with plastic surgery, the Helmer family begins to break, crack, and crumble from the inside out. A play about a recognizable American family (think: Norman Rockwell in distorted, theatrical Technicolor) fighting for identity and connection in an increasingly fragile and fracturing world.

Dean Poynor's Together We Are Making a Poem in Honor of Life

Dean Poynor is a self-described Southern Playwright living in New York City. His plays are elegant and muscular explorations of the things that connect us all at the most basic levels. His plays are set at the crossroads of the visible world we can’t ignore and the invisible one we can’t deny.

Marked by a senseless tragedy, a couple tries to navigate the storm of grief that follows in the wake of their child’s death. Through a series of support group meetings for grieving parents, they struggle to comprehend and remember in an attempt to reconcile what they’ve lost. But as they confront their harsh new reality, they find it difficult to connect with each other in this new discordant world. A powerful and poetic exploration of what it means to live through unimaginable loss.

Doug Wright's Posterity

Tony and Pulitzer-winning playwright Doug Wright’s remarkable new play about what makes a life and what survives us long after we are gone. Playwright Henrik Ibsen is at the end of his life, and the City of Oslo has commissioned a bust be made by the famous sculptor Gustav Vigeland. Vigeland is wary of the commission because of Ibsen’s notorious reputation, but the commission is too important to refuse. A perfect sculpture of Ibsen won’t just immortalize the author; it would tie both men together and ensure Vigeland’s fame for all posterity. A startlingly beautiful play that explores the last days of Henrik Ibsen’s life and the complicated relationship between Ibsen and Vigeland - Vigeland at the peak of his career, Ibsen at the end of his.


Play Schedule

  • May 7 & 14 - Nate Eppler's Good Monsters
    Livestream on HowlRound May 14
  • May 8 & 11 - Jeremy Sony's Pathogenesis
    Livestream on HowlRound May 11
  • May 9 & 12 - Andrew Kramer's Cut It Out
    Livestream on HowlRound May 12
  • May 10 & 13 - Dean Poynor's Together We Are Making a Poem in Honor of Life
    Livestream on HowlRound May 13
  • May 15-17 - Doug Wright's Posterity


Tennessee Repertory Theatre’s 2013-2014 Season is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors.