Press Materials

Tennessee Repertory Theatre would like to thank Nashville's various media outlets for their help in supporting Nashville theatre. We strive to bring professional theatre to everyone in Nashville, and without the help of our Media Sponsors and Nashville Media Outlets, this would not be possible. The following Tennessee Rep employees are available for all of your multimedia needs:

Pat Patrick - Marketing Director

Shane Burkeen - New Media/Marketing Manager

Press Releases

Below are Tennessee Rep's most recent press releases. These releases are sent to various media outlets in Nashville. If you didn't not receive the most recent release you may use the titles below to download the press release or you may contact Pat Patrick to get on our media email list for future press releases. If you need more information, or would like to highlight Tennessee Repertory Theatre in a publication please contact our Pat Patrick or call us at (615) 244-4878.

Cabaret Press Releases

The Columnist Press Releases

Production Photography

Tennessee Rep takes pride in our high quality productions and we strive to offer our community high resolution production photography. We recently made all of our archival photographs available to the public on Tennessee Rep's Flickr page. These photographs are available to the media for promotion use. If you need directions on how to obtain photographs from our Flickr page, please contact Shane Burkeen.

If you need production photographs of our most recent or upcoming production please contact Pat Patrick or Shane Burkeen.

Production and Promotional Videos

We understand the importance of videos to our patrons, whether to entice them to buy tickets or to help relive the moments of our one-in-a-lifetime theatre productions. Tennessee Rep has a variety of videos including promotional teasers, theatrical trailers, behind the scene looks, actor and director interviews, and much more available to the public on Tennessee Rep's YouTube page. If you need links to our high quality videos or video stills for promotional use (emails, blogs, etc.) please contact Shane Burkeen.


Tennessee Repertory Theatre’s 2013-2014 Season is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors.